About What We Do…

Jay Menendez next to a painting by Tim Okamura

There is not one right way to describe what we do. We are not a competition or a jury. We are a publication. The best metaphor is to visualize and place the artwork from the pages of the publication in a gallery or museum setting.

We have been exhibiting group shows since 2013. The shows are centered around the artists in our community.

If you are not familiar with how a magazine works and have never really been published in the traditional sense then you may not really understand. I handle the exhibitions just as I did when all we published was poetry. Submissions come it. A team of guest curators or myself review them. We either like it or don’t like it and then we proceed to put the whole issue together from the works accepted and met the criteria for the call. To accomplish putting a magazine together we ask for high resolution images and text. Besides the curators we have a staff of designers and editors.

There are several additional components. We are not a vanity press. Membership does not guarantee you will be selected for a publication or an exhibition. Membership simply facilitates the process. It makes you part of the team. Consider all our members are on staff. Their job is to provide content, pitch stories, share the news, communicate ideas, and participate in our events so that we have a full house whenever possible whenever we exhibit.

We have areas where we test out new concepts and we are constantly striving to learn and improve how and what we do.

However, we are not considered as a traditional art community because we are also a marketing and sales team.

All in all we are a very special group.

Please remember this when your work is not selected for a publication or exhibition. Remember that there is no me, myself and I. We are we. them, and ours and this is how we will remain strong. This is how our work will be noticed — by being a part of the bigger picture.

By being part of GOSS183’s publishing house, you are already ahead of the game and your time will come to shine especially when we shine as a team.